I will just give you a brief description of how I was lead to the life changing sessions of EMDR I had with Jules .

I had an accident 17 years ago which left me with a chronic pain condition and PTSD, with all the symptoms of not sleeping, flashbacks, night terrors, awful vivid images in my head. Over this time I had seen every kind of counsellor, psychologist, pain counsellor, you can imagine, but nothing ever seemed to really work , even at times making it worse, a couple of therapists made me look at images that just added to my visual library of horrors.
After 17 years of this it was all part of my life, rubbish I just had to live with. My partner was worried and disturbed by my night time terrors and believed someone could help. After so long I must admit I was very sceptical that any therapy could help and was concerned things could be stirred up and made even worse.

We randomly heard of this new technique that has shown to help people with PTSD , and was lucky enough to find Jules.
Admittedly it took me time to pluck up the courage to take that step, but I did and made that 1 st appointment. Jules was calm and chatty made me feel at ease, she explained everything and promised never to make me look at any disturbing images ( she never did )

Still sceptical I really wasn’t sure if this could help , I told myself if this lady could really help with all this stuff in my head it would be a miracle , but I was willing to give it a go . I couldn’t possibly explain how it all works technically but I understand it as refilling all those horrible events /images in my head that were never filed away properly 17 years ago so they have just wandered around in my brain becoming more and more gruesome and disturbing.
It took a few sessions for me to really trust what was happening but I remember suddenly thinking after a couple of weeks I hadn’t had a nightmare , things were still vivid with scary flashbacks but something had started to happen.
The EMDR technique is slightly odd initially but my brain seemed to respond.  I am an artist so perhaps a vivid imagination helps with reworking those images in my brain but it seemed more than just thinking of something else which I’ve been doing for years avoiding things my mind finds disturbing.

Now after a course of sessions with Jules using the EMDR It’s like “they” are there and are part of me but they don’t flash before me so easily anymore and their not as terrifying or brutal. I have my thoughts and don’t like certain images but now I feel I can handle it. I feel more empowered with it all.

My sceptical brain has been totally rewired. Help was possible.
I will always be grateful to Jules and EMDR.

Feel Well Live Well Therapy – EMDR Testimonial

“I booked on this course not knowing what to expect and I have had a life changing experience and made some new friends along the way – thanks!”

Adam W

“I’ve found my MOJO again”

Suzie G

“My wife says it’s like living with a new man – so much more positive and go getting”

Ray J

“I came hoping to get some solutions to some issues I was having a work, it made me reevaluate where I am and what I want”

Catherine F

“I have learnt things on this programme that will help me throughout life”

Garry G

“A colleague told me about the course, but I wasn’t sure about attending. I am so pleased I did, It really made me think differently about things that I need to change in my life”

Ray M

“This is the most worthwhile course I have ever been on”

Richard M

“I brought my son to therapy as he was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, he left with better self-worth and an understanding of how he could help himself – thanks”

Jacky S

“I have been suffering with PTSD and nightmares for over 10 years and the quality of my life has improved so much after 8 sessions with Jules”

Catriona F

“I love coming and having some space for me, to talk about the things that matter and I feel really listened too”

Sophie J

“I came to try and save my marriage and I am now the happiest I have been in over 10 years.”

Bev K

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